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TCGLAD staff work with consumers, businesses and service providers to improve quality of life and ensure communication access for the deaf, hard of hearing and deaf-blind community.


TC-GLAD hosts community events and welcome everyone to join, socialize and learn more about deaf, hard of hearing and deaf/blind community. Please visit our Announcements page to see upcoming events.


LIFESIGNS, an interpreter referral agency, is a non-profit California corporation providing communication access to the deaf, hard of hearing, deaf blind and hearing communities using certified interpreters.


MENTAL HEALTH, The Mental Health Outreach Project is a service to empower and educate the deaf and hear of hearing community at large about the accessibility and utility and utilization of mental health prevention and early intervention services.

Equal Employment Opportunity Commission

Deaf/Hard-of-Hearing employee or Deaf/Hard-of-Hearing candidate wanting to apply for a non-DOT driving position, and didn’t get the job because of a hearing requirement, accommodation issue, or some other senseless requirement, please contact:

Michelle Silvers, Federal Investigator of U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC)
255 E. Temple St., 4th Floor, Los Angeles, CA 90012
(213)894-1062 V  
(213)894-1055 Fax   (714)495-2832 VP

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With your support, we can achieve even more—by meeting the needs of newborns, children, teens, adults and senior citizens through additional programs that enhance the lives of deaf and hard of hearing people everywhere.